10 Advantages of Solo Travel from a Solo Female Traveller

Roys Peak
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Solo travel changed my life. It was something that a few years ago I didn’t think I was capable of. I assumed solo travel was just something people did when they had no one to go away with. How wrong was I?!

The truth is, solo travel is so much more than going alone because you have to. It has become something I want to do. It’s allowed me to explore places on my own terms, discover myself and I have become so much more confident. It doesn’t come without its challenges, but trust me when I say the rewards make it all worthwhile.

As cliché as it sounds, I believe everyone should travel solo at least once in their life. Whether it’s an overnight stay in a new city or a 12 month backpacking trip, solo travel is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your mind.  

When I was planning my first backpacking trip back in 2019, I was so scared at the prospect of doing it alone. It didn’t help that I had people around me saying I was crazy for even thinking such a thing. I opted to book on a few group tours to help me along the way and overcome my fears. Flash forward to 2023 and I’m more confident than ever. I love the idea of travelling solo and get excited about what doors it might open.

Don’t get me wrong, travelling with friends or family is great fun. But there’s something special about turning up in a new country alone and figuring it out by yourself.

I could write about solo travel all day, it truly was the best decision I’ve ever made.

In this post, I speak about some of the advantages of a solo trip and why you should consider booking one. It’s okay if you don’t feel quite ready for a solo trip yet, it can be a scary prospect (trust me, I know). I’ve shared some tips here if you’re nervous about travelling solo.

It’s on your terms

Everything about your trip is completely on your terms, and your terms only. Where you stay, where you eat, what time you wake up, what time you go to sleep, how you spend your day… the list never ends.

The best thing about a solo trip is YOU make all the decisions. No one else. There’s zero compromising involved (only with yourself). The trip is entirely yours and you can spend it exactly how you want.

You can be more flexible

With it being on your terms, you can be as flexible as you want. Want to change your plans and leave somewhere earlier or stay longer? Sorted. Maybe you wake up and decide you no longer want to do something. No problem. You don’t need to discuss it with anyone or check it’s okay. It’s completely flexible and your decision. You can make last-minute, spontaneous decisions without having to check in with anyone.

Solo travel gives you more flexibility than you can ever imagine. I still get a weird feeling when I wake up in the morning and realise I can do whatever I want today.

Kea Point New Zealand
Kea Point New Zealand

It’s easy to meet new people

I’ve met some of my closest friends through my solo travels. When you’re alone, you’re more likely to put yourself out there and be social. I always find when I’m travelling with people I know, I’m less likely to go and speak to new people.

Of course, you don’t have to be social (remember solo travel is on your terms). But sometimes it’s nice to share experiences with other like-minded people in the same situation as you.

If you’re worried about how hard it might be to meet new people, here are some advantages to choosing to travel as part of a group tour. 

You’ll become more confident

This has 100% been the biggest advantage of solo travel for me. I’ve never had the best self-esteem, but solo travel has made me so much more confident in myself. I’ve learnt not to care what people think and if someone doesn’t click with me, that’s okay.

When you’re alone, you only have yourself. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you have to deal with it. During my solo travels I’ve had a phone stolen, been mugged, ended up in hospital, had flights cancelled, had the wrong documents at an airport and been completely lost. You have to trust yourself to resolve these situations and that can only make you more confident.

You become much more confident in yourself and in your abilities.

Suited to your budget

This is a big advantage to solo travel for me. I try to travel on a budget, but when I’m with other people I have a habit of saying yes to anything when it’s not necessarily something I can afford. Especially if they want to go out for drinks or splash out on a nicer hotel.

Travelling alone allows you to control your own budget. Perhaps you want to splurge or do the opposite and live off instant noodles for a week. Either way, you can do whatever suits your budget and needs.

You can be yourself

This is another big advantage of solo travel for me. You’re constantly meeting new people and trust me when I tell you, no one cares about your past or any quirky characteristics you have.

Travel brings like-minded people together. I’ve never felt so comfortable being myself as I have on my solo travels. No one will judge you for being a little bit different. Everyone just wants to have a good time and share this amazing experience. I’ve travelled with people that I never could have previously imagined spending time with and had the best time. If you do come across someone who you don’t feel like you can be yourself around, you can just move on and forget about them.

No commitments

Travelling solo means zero commitments. There’s no agreement to do something you don’t want to do or to eat somewhere you really can’t afford.

Even if you’ve met people on your travels, everyone goes into solo travel with this mindset and it’s easy to say no. Perhaps the group you met have all signed up for an activity but you change your mind and pull out. This is fine. The point of solo travel is to have no commitments, to be flexible and do what YOU want. Everyone understands that.

You become resourceful

It’s rare that a big solo trip won’t come without its challenges and hiccups. You will learn how to deal with these issues in the moment. You only have yourself to rely on and that means being resourceful in solving problems. I’ve faced a lot of ‘crisis’ in my travels – you learn how to deal with them in the moment and rely on your instincts.

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It gives you space and time to reflect

This has been such an advantage of solo travel for me. Having some time away from your job, your friends and your commitments really gives you the space you might need to reflect on your life. It can help you realise what’s important to you, what you want in the future and what wasn’t working in your life previously.

It can be hard to look at a situation from a different perspective while you’re still immersed in, but once you step away it gives you an opportunity to really think.  You can move on and leave the negative influences in your life behind. 

This certainly happened with my old job. Disclaimer: I loved my job. I loved the people I worked with. It gave me the opportunity to travel and I will be forever grateful. But, I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t what I wanted to do. It wasn’t until my career break in 2021 that I truly realised that. Something hadn’t been right in my life for a while and I looked for every excuse other than my chosen career.

Travelling solo gave me the time to come to this realisation, and also understand that this was not something I wanted my future to be. It gave me the confidence to step away and see what else was out there in the world.

Of course, you might travel solo and realise you love your life or your job. It might make you more grateful for what you have. That’s great! A big advantage of solo travel is it allows you time discover all of this and if needed, take action.

Whatever happens, solo travel will change you.

10 Advantages of Solo Travel from a Solo Female Traveller

You learn so much about yourself

This is tied in to all the above points and is one of biggest advantages of solo travel. Ultimately, solo travels teaches you so much about yourself. At least it did for me.

I know more about myself than I ever did before. I’ve learnt what matters to me, what doesn’t matter to me anymore and I understand more about what makes me feel alive. This is all through solo travel, the amazing people I’ve met and the unique experiences I’ve had along the way.

It hasn’t all been easy going though, there have been many challenges and it’s been difficult at times. There’s been tears. There’s been scary moments. There’s been homesickness. But I’m a completely different person to who I was a few years ago and I wouldn’t change anything about it.

Solo travel will challenge the way you think. It will change what you understand about yourself and the world. It gives you the freedom to try new things and explore what else might be out there.

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